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Behavioral Intervention Specialist

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Position Summary: The Behavior Specialist is responsible for the design, implementation, and monitoring of behavioral programs using the Positive Approaches paradigm: administers and interprets participants intellectual, motivational, and adaptive living skills: works with the psychiatrist in monitoring psychotropic medications; ensures accurate data collection and summaries; and participates as an active member of the interdisciplinary team process. This position may have supervised / unsupervised contact and or conversational interaction with individuals while working in the residences, day treatments and habilitation facilities.

Essential Accountabilities:
1.Design, implement, monitor and model Behavioral Strategies that will serve to decrease maladaptive behavior(s) and increase adaptive behavior(s).
2.Complete and write the Cognitive and Affective Development sections of the CFA and semi-annual reports, at least two weeks prior to the interdisciplinary team meeting.
3.Participate as an active member to the interdisciplinary team by being aware of and communicating to the team the participants current behavioral status.
4.Administer and interpret the results of intellectual, motivational, and adaptive behavior tests/scales on an annual basis and as needed.
5.Provide individualized and group counseling to meet the needs of identified participants.
6.Document monthly progress notes in reference to individualized counseling and/or specific behavior plans.
7.Ensure that consistent data collection and monitoring techniques are implemented in both the residence and day program.
8.Train staff on behavioral strategies and other topics related to the discipline of psychology.
9.Communicate with the psychiatrist accurate information and data summaries that reflect the participants current behavioral status, including attending psychiatric appointments as necessary.
10.Work with interdisciplinary team members to monitor psychotropic medications in relation to the participants current behavioral status.
11.Present to agencys Human Rights committee any changes in or annual reviews of psychotropic medication and/or behavior plans that include techniques which require Human Rights approval.
12.Participate in program staff and clinical meetings.
13.Participate in various agency committees, as assigned
14.Must be able to work flexible hours and travel to multiple sites. Caseloads and schedules are subject to change based on individual need/request.
15.Include staff members in the design of behavioral strategies and annual reports.
16.Perform all techniques required in SCIP, CPR, & First Aid, as needed.
17.Maintain confidentiality at all times.
18.Other duties as requested.


1.A Masters degree from a program in a clinical and /or treatment field of psychology and have had documented training in the assessment techniques and behavioral support plan development
2.At least 5 years experience working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities, including the devising, implementation, and monitoring of behavioral support plans
3.And /or providing supervision and training to others in the implementation of behavior support plans.


$50 to 55,000.00


Rosi Medrano -

Posted on 12/21/18; CVMHA ID #12564