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Social Worker (Prince George)

Center for Urban Community


The Prince George is located in the heart of the Flat Iron district of Midtown - Manhattan on 28th street. We are a part of a larger Non-Profit, Social Services agency called The Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS). We primarily offer housing for low income individuals as well as supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals who have suffered various forms of traumas in their past, generally leading to mental illnesses, and substance abuse.

The Prince George has 415 units of supportive housing in one building with a staff of 24 dedicated on-site clinicians. We provide Evidence Based, Person Centered, Recovery oriented services to our clients in order to help them live as full and satisfying lives as possible. We strive to help our clients fully reintegrate into the larger community such as helping them to obtain employment, substance abuse recovery, return to school, volunteer, and/or helping them rekindle passions that they had before they became ill.

We work closely together as a team of 24 professionals in order to help our clients achieve their goals. Staff at the Prince George and CUCS as a whole get to partake in learning from one another in an inter-disciplinary team environment. We have an on-site Primary Care Physician as well as a Psychiatrist who do regular in-service trainings for staff. CUCS also offers a very robust initial training program including topics such as Person-Centered Service Planning, Motivational Interviewing, DSM Diagnostic Criteria, etc.


The Social Worker at the Prince George will carry a caseload of between 25-30 clients and recieves LCSW supervision. The Social Worker helps to lead the team with the Clinical Supervisor and is responsible to provide direct services to each individual including but not limited to:

1. Using a Person-Centered approach to helping the clients on your caseload set goals, identify interests, and address concerns,

2. Help the client to identify Interest and involvement in employment, education, volunteering, and other adult role activities,

3. Be a source of support in a non-judgmental manner,

4. Help clients to identify positive ways of spending time,

5. Help clients to understand and proactively address diagnosis (medical, psychiatric, substance abuse),

6. Utilize psycho-educational techniques to help clients understand, adhere to, and advocate with their providers medication regimens.

7. Regularly assess for risk factors for violence against self or others,

8. Utilizing the client’s psychosocial history, in order to best understand them and provide strategic interventions and services.

9. Regularly coordinate care with all collateral contacts.

10. Assist some clients with the self-administration of medication as necessary.

• Due to our funding requirements we may only consider applicants for the Social Work position:

o That have an MSW and either have their LMSW or are in the process of applying for it.

o Spanish speaking preferred.



Posted on 04/08/19; CVMHA ID #12732