The Center


The Center provides expert consultation to a wide array of community mental health providers in New York City. Our aim is to help agency leaders further integrate recovery-based practices into their program cultures and services.

Our approach is to collaborate with you in a shared process of assessment, planning and implementation. This will empower you to create recovery policies, services, and activities that are right for your program. As you take ownership of this organizational development process, we are confident you will be able to find solutions that are both desirable and sustainable.

Throughout our work with you, Center staff will continually emphasize a number of recovery values including hope, strengths, shared decision-making and self-responsibility. We manifest these values through active listening, joint planning and strong support for action, all of which leads to real transformation. In this way, the consultation process becomes an example of the recovery process we hope you will create with consumers.

The Center’s consultation services will help you:

  • Learn strategies for building trusting, hopeful and collaborative relationships at all levels of service delivery.
  • Increase your capacity to assess the culture of recovery within your program.
  • Successfully plan, implement and evaluate transformation efforts.