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Job Aids

We have packaged some information in the form of Job Aids. They are designed to better equip agency staff to deliver recovery-focused services.

All of the Job Aids listed in this section can be easily downloaded and reproduced. To print a specific Job Aid, simply click on the title that interests you. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free at:

Defining Recovery
Person Centered Approaches
Enhancing Motivation thru Change Talk
Defining Natural Supports
Assessing Group Behavior
Supported Education:  Four Student Perspectives
Supported Education:  Demonstrated Positive Outcomes
Supported Employment: Core Principles
Powerful Staff Meetings: Creating a Culture of Recovery
Recovery Internet Resources

Wondering what recovery is, and how it differs from rehabilitation or empowerment? Curious about creative strategies clients use to cope with voices? Interested in learning about evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive remediation, that help people get jobs and become independent?

Whether you want to learn about the latest research on what families can contribute to therapy with a loved one, or pick up practical tips for collaborating with other professionals to deliver better care, the Center’s mini-site of clinical information, instructive perspectives, resource lists, and more will help you help clients.

Themes include the four dimensions SAMHSA defines as necessary to support a life in recovery, and three additional themes chosen by Center staff.

A question-and-answer column, blogs, and other interactive features are coming soon.

RECOVERe-works Archive

After more than 10 years, the Coalition published its last edition of RecoverE works in June, 2015.

Click Here for the complete archive of RECOVERe-works dating back to 2004.