The Center


The Center provides consultation to New York City mental health agencies and programs looking to more fully integrate recovery-orientation into service delivery. Our approach is highly customized and adaptable to the wide-array of program types, services, and needs.

Working on Recovery

A new approach to training and technical assistance designed to address the workplace learning and organizational development needs of New York City's mental health provider community. Our support will be delivered on-site at your agency.

Fundamental to this initiative is a value-based approach to both management and clinical practice. This approach emphasizes the concepts of hope, personal power, choice and self-responsibility, and meaningful roles for both staff and service recipients. It is the foundation upon which recovery is built, and the basis upon which evidence-based and promising practices emerge.

The benefits of our value-based approach include:

  • Developing an understanding of organizational needs and capacity to support rehabilitation and recovery-oriented practice;
  • Preparing leaders to successfully integrate recovery values into programs;
  • Generating momentum for transformation: successfully planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining change;
  • Learning strategies for building empathic, hopeful and collaborative relationships at all levels of service implementation.


Agencies will select from among 10 half-day modules in recovery, person-centered practice and psychiatric rehabilitation – all designed to promote recovery-based partnerships. This training requires an investment of time and staff resources.

Training and Technical Assistance

Combined training with technical assistance involves an in-depth partnership with agencies interested in more fully incorporating rehabilitation and recovery practices. Technical assistance supports leadership in aligning program and administrative dimensions with practice. Agency leaders – whether they are management, line-staff or consumers – will benefit from support in leadership development, team building and the implementation of rehabilitation and recovery-facilitating services.

This more intensive service will be limited to select agencies demonstrating need, capacity and commitment; it requires a significant investment of time and staff resources.

For more information, including details on training and technical assistance requirements, contact me at either 212.742.1600 x201 or apascaris@coalitionny. org