Our Team

Executive Leadership

Amy Dorin, President & CEO

Policy & Advocacy Department

Nadia Chait, Associate Director Policy & Advocacy
Maryam Zoma-Kiefer, Associate Director of Policy & Advocacy

Training department

Marlo Pasion, Director of Training
Natalie Lleras, Associate Director of Training
Deborah Short, LMS & CEU Coordinator
Pat Feinberg, Certified Benefits & Work Incentives Practictioner
Teyana Reed, Project Manager
Liz Breier, Senior Training & Implementation Specialist
Clinton Green, Senior Training & Implementation Specialist
Judah Zuger, Training & Implementation Specialist
Debbie Wolff, RARC Manager

Administrative support

Jovi Villavicencio, Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Konstantin Nadirashvili, Office Operations Associate